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More Fractal Animations Monthly review of fractal animations. Includes streaming videos and lists of DVDs and HD animations.

Jock Cooper. 30+ interpolation and zoom animations.

Damien Jones. 1 zoom animation, 1/50th of a Light Year. Requires Flash.

Godwin Vickers. 1 interpolation animation, Armageddon.

Jack of Tradez. 30+ animations, mostly zooms. Universe #3 is the deepest zoom I have seen. Requires Windows Media Player.

C. Kleinhuis. 20+ animations. Requires DivX.

Information about Fractals and Fractal Art

Fractal Art Frequently Asked Questions by Jean-Pierre Louvet, Juan Luis Martinez, and Phil Jackson. Topics include basic fractal geometry, fractal images, and fractal music.

Fractal Geometry by Michael Frame, Benoit Mandelbrot and Nial Neger. A collection of papers used in an introductory course in fractal geometry at Yale University. Discusses fractals in math, art, and nature.

The Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set by Robert Devaney. Explains how to calculate and graph a fractal.

The Mandelbrot Monk by Ray Girvan. A 13th-century monk spent 9 years graphing a fractal, believing it predicted who would go to heaven.

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